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Goal Clarity/Resume & Audition Dynamics/Breaking Through Barriers



"As a coach, actors are her passion.  She works closely with them, gently but diligently driving to get to their truth – the “real performances.”



           Jeanette Gonzalez, Executive Producer

                                                                                 GYPSY NY


"Heather was always very supportive and helpful - I would recommend her to anyone interested in learning more about performing arts and themselves!"


Bridget Miles, Associate Producer

The Rachel Ray Show

"Heather has always been one of my favorite teachers.  It is difficult to find teachers who genuinely care for students the way she does.  The level of attention and expertise she offers is remarkable -- working moment to moment, she will notice each one.  I cannot speak highly enough of her as a teacher and mentor!"  


                                                                           Athena Masci, Professional

                                                                                                            Actor AEA

"Along with a patient approach, tough love, and determination to push me - Heather has given me the best foundation an actor can ask for." 


Nigil Whyte, Marymount Manhattan College '14

"... more than just an educator, she's an inspiration. Her unyielding dedication to her "Movement for the Actor" curriculum, taught at The Neighborhood Playhouse Jr. School, epitomizes her devotion and commitment to the development of all students through body and mind."


 Simone Policano, Yale ’16

      American Studies Major


Find Heather's 2022-2023 group class schedules at: 

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